So here's all the same people who attended Wednesday's People's Choice Awards, only they’re not looking nearly as slick.

Take Tilda Swinton for example. Don’t want to do her at all now that she's shorn her hair to resemble a blanched butter bean with a penchant for combovers. Stacey and George don't look fit to burst with excitement either, Ahna O'Reilly isn't nearly as perky, and what is this, Jessica Chastain? You all looked a hell of a lot more sexy yesterday. Emma Stone raised her game (still in green. I know you're rocking the red hair, Emma, but you're not working for Bord Failte), however, as did Chloe Grace Moretz (in saying that though, can someone puuurrrlease tell her to tone down the lip pursing, much appreciated.) Viola Davis still looked sumptuous in red, but had a bit of a head on her in the press room.

She wasn't the only one - Emma Stone also had a grump on, Allison Janney looked close to despair, while Paul Feig and Judd Apatow were forced to amuse themselves with a conjoined twin sketch they're currently honing. In fact, the only people looking in anyway happy to win an award were this lot (you can see the full list of winners in Movie News).

New faces to the awards calendar this week include Brad Pitt's cane, Elizabeth Olsen, Evan Rachel Wood(playing homage to Maggie Simpson), Kristen Dunst, Charlize Theron, (shield your eyes) Ellie Fanning, Busy Phillips, Michelle Williams, Diablo Cody, and a slew of others.