Cristiano Ronaldo is a bit of a perfectionist, something that should not come as a surprise to anyone that's seen him play football or take his top off. 

He accepts only the best, and it turns out that applies to all facets of his life, including pieces of wax that are moulded in his likeness. Speaking to the show 'Què t'hi jugues!' on Cadena Ser Barcelona (you can listen to the interview here if you want to give your skills in Catalan and Spanish a bit of a test), the Director of Communications of the Madrid Wax Museum, Gonzalo Presa, stated that the best footballer in the world sends his personal hair stylist to make sure his wax model looks its best. 

The stylist goes regularly (about once a month) to go and style the hair, which is natural and comes from India. While alterations can be made to the style, they're not allowed to cut it, given that it obviously won't grow back. 

There are plenty of other footballers there in the wax museum who have been immortalised with a model, but it seems that Ronaldo is the only one who sends someone to keep an eye on how his is looking. As you might imagine, Andres Iniesta doesn't send a barber regularly.

Via Mashable