As hard as is it to say, I wish some more people would follow Lily Allen's example and become a "neo-Luddite" - that being a wanky term for giving up the internet. She recently said: " I had to stop using the internet completely. If I was feeling bad, I'd look for negative things people were writing about me to substantiate how I was feeling: 'Look, I am fat and ugly...' I'd write something silly with totally the best intentions of it just being for fans to read and it would end up looking like I was trying to get in The Sun newspaper. So, this year, I'm not putting out useless information that people can use against me." I was wondering why things had been quieter on the Allen front...

Indeed, willing people to stop using the internet is sheer madness coming from someone who's managed to (somehow) forge a career spouting sh*t on the webbernet *blushes bashfully*, but it'd just be preferable if (other) unhinged sorts couldn't use it as a forum.

Courtney Love took her rambling fingertips to Facebook yesterday after it became public knowledge that she has lost custody of her 17-year-old daughter, Francis Bean Cobain, to Kurt's mother and sister. 'Cause when isn't that a good idea?

"I hate to sound cold but any kid of mine who pulls this s*** has lost her position... she was deceptive, she lied and she's lying to herself... My daughter is not always honest (she's 17-years-old, her father shot himself in the head, and you've been fond of the pills and what not - it's amazing she can communicate at all. Give her a break)... The fact is fbc (Frances Bean Cobain) is deluded. She thinks she has all this money. The point is I have all the money she has. Frances is clearly deluded that she can buy her grandmother a small house in LA. I'd love to see how that works."

Nice. Love then posted some marginally warmer sentiments later in the day:

"Don't worry, Frances is a wonderful kid, she's got bad people around her and wants it both ways. You could've asked for emancipation... you realise this will put you in juvenile family circus three times in your little life? I love you and always will unconditionally."

And what better way to broadcast the rollercoaster of Love than on the internet for all to read. Not so much touching as it is touched.
As for the rumours that Francis Bean left due to Courtney relapsing, the latter's rep rejected the claims saying his "client is completely clean." Well, that just renders her ramblings even more unnerving.