Johnny McDaid may have just learned a valuable lesson regarding quotes being mildly taken out of context. See, if you say your A List missus makes you "laugh and squirm and jump", hacks are obviously going to hone in on the "squirm" bit. Why would you ever say your other half made you "squirm?" My fella makes me squirm more often than not, but I'd never say it in public.

For those looking for the quote in full, Johnny said of Courtney: "She gets music, she gets art, she understands the way a scene is constructed, how dialogue works and she puts it all together in her mind and explains it to the world... and [she] makes me laugh and squirm and jump." OK, he's obviously trying to convey the excitement of being with her, but it just sounds like she makes him nervous as hell.

This quote came amid the story of how exactly Courteney and Johnny met. And it doesn't appear Ed Sheeran was involved much at all. They met through a film by the name of Before I Go. It's Cox's directorial debut, and Johnny just happened to help provide three songs for the soundtrack - hence why the pair of them have been headbanging around Tribeca Film Festival without her engagement ring.

The producer of the film, Gabriel Cowan, spun his PR mode into overdrive by offering the following to Life & Style magazine: "They didn't meet on set, but they did meet through this film. I think the first time they met was at the very first test screening, which was however many months ago. You know, he saw the movie and was like, ‘I need to be with the director!’"

Speaking of their first time working together, Courteney and Johnny said: "We got to kiss between takes!!"