There were rumours, what with the massive ring proffering at non-public events... But now - according to The Mirror - it's definitely happening. Well, a "pal" has "confirmed" it.

The pair plan to get hitched on her 50th birthday (two stones, and all that), so - assuming that's happening this year - they would be getting married in a little over a month on June 15th. The venue - her LA gaf. Not bad going for a couple who've officially being together since the New Year.

Said "pal" had this to say on the matter: "Johnny and Courteney are madly in love and they want it to be official. They can’t think of a better time to become a family than on her birthday. It will be an intimate occasion but a selection of Johnny’s family and close friends, including members of Snow Patrol, will be travelling over for the wedding.”

Someone else spilling to Heat magazine added: "he is throwing a big party at home in LA and it looks like it’ll be more than a birthday bash. She has asked guests to wear white and dress smart – and has let slip that there’s going to be a big surprise... Coco’s going to be a bridesmaid and David has been asked to make a speech. Court’s friend Sheryl Crow has been asked to perform at the party and Jen Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Neve Campbell are also on the list. It’s been a whirlwind romance but they’re the perfect match. They’re so happy.”

David Arquette welcomed a baby into the world last week with his new partner. Not that the two events are correlated in some way.

Speaking of babies, Courteney is also considering making Johnny a daddy. Grazia magazine reported last week: "She won’t want to put too much pressure on the situation but will be realistic about the chances of it happening naturally. She wants to have one more child and to give Johnny the chance of fatherhood."