Oh, it's back AAAAWWWWN alright... While there had been some third party rumblings regarding their alleged choice of Irish wedding venue (that being Castle Leslie Estate), we'd yet to get any verbal or pictorial confirmation of their renewed love for each other. 

Well, the couple put any questions over their love for each other to rest while attending the BMI Awards (it must stand for something else) in LA last night. According to reports, the 52-year-old actress and her 39-year-old musician fiancee, kept giving each other "goofy little grins" and appeared to be in their "own little world."

While treading the red carpet, they were asked about their rekindled romance, and if they were "happy". By way of a response, Courteney said: "Well, we love each other and we are - yes we're happy!" Johnny added: "Yes. I don't know if you can put a label on what makes us work so well. But I know that I've never loved like I love this woman. So if that's enough, then that's enough."

When the interviewer then turned to Courtney for a follow up statement, she said: "How do I go after that? It's poetic. I'm literally going to sound like a toad!"

After getting engaged in 2014, the couple then split due to difference of opinion regarding where they were going to live (she wanted to stay in LA as that's where she's raising her daughter Coco, and he wanted to move back to the UK). They've been spotted on and off together since December 2015.

As for the wedding, and if it's back on; Courteney was not wearing her engagement ring last night. But they're back strutting red carpets together, which is a start. 

Via Wonderwall.com