Three days? Man, Ed Sheeran will never last the pace. And if they are getting married in Ireland, the likelihood of there being a pool he can pretend to lounge/actually pass out by is nil. You'll be having a kip between the bins out the back, Mr. Sheeran.

But back to the actual "news'. Rumour has it that - after dating for a matter of months - we've gone from just (Courteney) talking about marriage to actual marriage.
Someone giving their two cents to Star Magazine said: "Courteney and Johnny are crazily in love. They've moved in together and can't see any reason to wait for a wedding... They believe they're soulmates and this is the next step. It seems they'll tie the knot before Jen!"

And they're only getting married in Johnny's native Ireland: "They've been to see venues and agreed on an idyllic castle on the west coast. And they've been talking about a date in spring." Ballynahinch Castle it is, so! Just throwing that out there...

Jennifer, best get your wedding skates on - or perhaps you're waiting to give birth to your umpteenth phantom foetus.