As anyone who lives in an urban area will tell you, trying to get a decent night's sleep is a struggle.

Whether it's car alarms going off in the middle of the night or drunken idiots screaming out lyrics from The Dubliners' back catalogue, it's enough to drive anyone loopy.

However, one man has taken it a step further. A court in Croatia has ruled that Medo must not bark at night, making him the first dog in legal history to be restricted from doing so. The case was brought a neighbour who was fed up of the dog's incessant barking.

The dog has been confined to a barn from 8PM to 8AM and has been told he must not bark during that time period or he - his owner, obviously - will face a fine of €2,800.

Despite this, however, Medo has since become a local legend and a petition group has garnered over 30,000 fans since the court case.

The neighbour in question is also seeking €1,400 in damages - however no ruling has been made as such.

The case continues.


Via LikeCroatia