Add kangaroos to the list of things you can now add to list of fans of McDonald's.

According to WISN 12 News in Wisconsin, Larry and Diana Moyer were asked to leave their local McDonald's in Beaver Dam after a fellow customer complained to the staff and called the police at the sight of the eight-month-old kangaroo, even though he wasn't doing anything wrong.

Moyer states that the she's been going to McDonald's and other places, including the church and the cinema, with baby 'roo Jimmy for months and this is the first complaint she ever had. By the time police had arrived, Moyer and JImmy had already left and were well on their way back to their car with Jimmy in a buggy who then be put into has a car seat just for him.

McDonald's released a statement about the incident stating: "We are aware a customer called the authorities regarding this incident, who then investigated and took the steps to resolve the situation. Our policy is to make our restaurants accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities and special needs"

They'd want to be more careful in future though. A few wrong hops and the next thing you know there'll be a McSkippy sandwich on the menu.