No, really, they do. They've put an ad out and everything. So, if you've ever listened in to Ray, fiddling with buttons trying to find the news jingle and instead launching into another ad break, while he's already 3 minutes past the hour, and thought "JAYSIS, SURE I COULD DO THAT, HOW MUCH IS HE ON ANYWAY, HAH?!" now is your chance to SHINE! Sure you could "entertain and enthrall a million people a week" no bother...

Here is the ad, which has been released via the station's facebook page, twitter, and various news outlets.

Wow. Reading that, it makes it sound like an impossible task... If the people larking about the comments section are any indication, Anton Savage is the obvious choice. Other names being bandied about include Will Leahy (nope), Phil Cawley, Hector, and "Jimmy and Foggy off celebrity jungle."

As has unfortunately become the norm, hardly any females have been mentioned. To be honest, Alison Curtis is doing a pretty damn fine job in his absence. Hosting yesterday's show would've been a bit of a nightmare, but she made it sound breezy. No mean feat.

Twitter reacts to Ray D'Arcy's departure from Today FM, while we reflect on some good times