One lucky woman in Cork has walked away from her kitchen €500,000 better off after finding a winning lottery ticket she'd purchased hidden away in the presses. 

Collecting her prize from Lottery HQ yesterday, she stated that she bought a €3 quick pick in a shop in Killarney, Co. Kerry for the raw that took place on March 10th, and said that she never really checks her tickets, so this was a real surprise. 

She also added that she originally went into the shop where she bought the winning ticket to get an ice cream, but changed her mind: "It was a warm day and I fancied a cone. But it was too early in the year to get one so I bought a Euromillions ticket instead". 

While checking the presses before heading to the shops to stock up on a few things, she found the ticket and brought it with her to have it checked: "When I scanned the ticket it said to contact the National Lottery so I wasn't sure what I’d won. I couldn’t believe it when I was told it was half a million".

We've since gone on to check all our presses, and all we found was an old packet of Digestives, which we're now eating as consolation. Dry, crumb-filled consolation. 

Via The Irish Examiner