The Samsung Night Run took place last night in both Cork and Dublin, with 8,000 runners taking part in the 10k race. Both races started simultaneously at 9pm, with one city being crowned champion based on the total average finishing time in each city. It was the third year of the race in Dublin, but it was the inaugural run in Cork, and they certainly showed what they were made of, beating the average Dublin time by one minute ten seconds booooy!

Gary Twohig, Director, Samsung Electronics, IT and Mobile Ireland, who ran in the debut Cork event said: “We are delighted that the Samsung Night Run continues to capture the imagination and support of running enthusiasts in Dublin and that this unique event has proved so popular to the Munster running community who took up the challenge in such great numbers”.

The first man over the line in Dublin was Peter Brandon Somba from Kenya in a time of 30.09 and the first woman was Siobhan O’Doherty from Tipperary in a time of 35.35. While in Cork, the first man over the line in Cork was Sergio Ciobnu from Mullingar, Co. Westmeath in a time of 30.36 and the first woman was Orla Drumm from Limerick in a time of 35.26.

In short though, Dublin had better up their game next year if they want to get ahead of the folk down south. Just some friendly rivalry for charity you know, no harm.

(It is ON.)