It's not every day you see a coatimundi - much less one that's climbing a fence in Cork Airport.

The rare (well, for Cork anyway) South American raccoon was spotted by airport officials climbing a perimeter fence and was previously spotted by in Ballygarvan by concerned locals. Cork Airport put out a call for its owner to come collect, after keepers from Fota Wildlife Park stepped in to help to rescue the animal and keep it in safe keeping.

Here's the tweet from Cork Airport.

The coatimundi, which is a member of the raccoon family, is very common in South America, and are diurnal and omnivores. This basically means that they're just as happy on the ground as they are in trees, and they're happy to eat just about anything - bird eggs, fruit, even small animals if they can their claws into them. Coatis generally live up to seven years in the wild, with some of them living to the ripe old age of 14 when in captivity.

Now imagine reading all that in a Don Conroy / David Attenborough voice.

Anyway,  while the age of this particular coatimundi is unknown, it definitely appears to be a bit out of place and probably a bit worse for wear considering they got this far out from their owner.

If you happen to be the owner, you can contact Cork Airport and get in touch - and, also, explain what it's like having a coatimundi and how you came to lose it.