Corey Feldman has claimed on Twitter that he was rushed to hospital after being stabbed in an attack.

The former child actor said that the incident happened in the early hours of this morning in Los Angeles while he was sitting in his car.

He stated that three men approached his vehicle while his security detail was distracted. One of the men opened his door and, according to the tweet, stabbed him with 'something.'

In a follow-up tweet, Feldman said that the LAPD are investigating the incident as an ‘attempted homicide.’ He also claimed that the attack was the work of the 'wolfpack,' a group of powerful Hollywood players that he believes have been trying to kill him in order to get revenge after he named a number of alleged paedophiles in the movie industry.

He shared photographs of him at a local hospital and said that he is 'OK'.


Department spokesman Luis Garcia has since told The Hollywood Reporter that Feldman has no injuries, not even superficial scratches, saying: "There is no indication of a laceration." When asked for clarity that Feldman claims he was stabbed but there is no injury, Garcia responded, "Correct."

Police have said they could not yet substantiate Feldman’s claims that the alleged attack was possibly in retaliation for him reporting an alleged pedophile ring to the LAPD. They are investigating the case as an assault with a deadly weapon. There are currently no suspects.