George Clooney, one of the most suave individuals ever to grace the planet. With the jaw of a superhero and a voice like chocolate, he epitomises all that is stylish and cool. But what is it specifically that makes the silver fox the man he is, why is it that he's arguably the most sought after guy on earth. Let's take a look:

#1 George Clooney Can Smile

Whether it's a grin or a full blown ear to ear smile, George has got it down. 



#2 He Also Does Pensive Really Well

Just look at that. 10/10 for pensiveness. 

#3 He Scrubs Up Well

The man is rarely not wearing a suit. I suppose, If you scrub up like George, why would you wear anything else?


#4 He Wears Black Leather Jackets

On the odd occasion, when he's not wearing a suit, Clooney will slap on a black leather jacket. The garment that has never let a man down.


#5 He Has Cool Friends

George has the coolest mates.

Having a right laugh with Nicholson. 'Hey, Jack! What's with the sunglasses?' 


 Just sharing a joke with Ryan Gosling. Get over it.

#6 He Knows How To Wear Sunglasses


#7 He Knows How Not To Wear Sunglasses

George will be damned if he's carrying around a sunglasses case in his pocket. This, my friends, is called innovation.

Look at those sunnies hanging off that pocket. The pure cheek of the man.

#8 He Wins Awards

 Even if he's not quite sure what it's for.

He'll win them, and win them with a smile on his face.

#9 He Can Sport A Beard

A trademark of many a great man. George wears it as good as anyone.


He'll throw out a dose of stubble, as well, if he wants to.

#10 He's A Messer

Go'way out of it, Cloon, you're only a messer.



#11 In General He Just Looks Regal

 Why are you so cool, George?

George Clooney, cool as f**k