Arguably one of the most successful music producers of all time, Pharrell Williams is some what of a dark horse, a man with supreme talent and a knack for turning whatever he touches into solid gold.

Apart from his obvious success with N.E.R.D, Pharrell, along with his partner Chad Hugo, have produced songs for a host of artists. Everyone from Britney Spears, Jay-Z, Nelly, Daft Punk and everyone in between. A survey done in August 2003 reported, that at one point Williams' and Hugo's, 'The Neptunes', had produced almost 20 per cent of songs played on British radio, with a similar survey in the US having them at 43 per cent. That is insane. He has more Grammys than you could fit on your kitchen table, and his knack for producing catchy tunes is showing no sign of withering, if his latest successes are anything to go by.

Aside from music, he's also a fashion designer, and is the co-founder of the labels Billionaire Boy's Club and Ice Cream. It is no surprise, then, that Mr. Williams is often talked about, in high regard, as having an influential style, more often born from his tendency towards flamboyance. He mashes different elements, amalgamating them in almost igneous ways, thus creating outfits that are completely unique.

Let's take a look at some of the means by which this man compounds his talents with fashion that is top-effing-notch:

One of the key features of Pharrell's style of late are his cardigans. For some reason, cardigans are a strange subject in Ireland. Purely, because your granny knitted them for your grandad and that landed them the reputation of being old and outdated. It's a shame, but it's not too late to change your mind. Williams is as good a man out there to learn how to wear them cardys well.



Pharrell is probably more famous for his riskier outfits, but he's a good man to rip out a bit of class when he wants to. However, it's always accompanied by a little bit of personal flair. 


 Dickie Bows, lads. Get on them.

Without doubt, Pharrell's style is all his own. A personal style, such as his, can only work when a person is totally comfortable with themselves. Williams' choices regarding his garb are an extension of his individuality, and are perceived as 'cool' only because he's made the decisions himself. You can tell that he wears what he wears because HE thinks it looks good, and not because he thinks other people will think it looks good. A slight but important difference, and one that allows him maximum freedom when it comes to apparel. There are no wrong decisions when you dress yourself for yourself.


The vast majority of his looks could be regarded as casual, but the way in which Pharrell adds formal items to casual outfits is a characteristic that sticks out for me. Buttoned up dress shirts, dinner jackets etc. thrown in amongst casual numbers is cheeky, and it works.


And, when Williams goes the simple route, he is triumphant, again. The bare essentials for Pharrell; a crisp t-shirt, jeans and a hat work just as well as any of his other, flashier, ensembles.


We've mentioned it before, he certainly has the capacity to push the boat out and ignore barriers. As 'out there' as his attire can be, it will always be a win because he wears what he wears for himself, and nobody else. These red shorts shouldn't work, like. 

Pharrell, pal, that coat is absolutely atrocious. But, fair play to you, you're working it.

Let us not forget that this man is 40 years of age, no less. He genuinely hasn't aged since he was 20, so maybe the fact that he might be some sort of higher mutant being has something to do with him being one of the coolest bastards around.

Who knows? And, who cares? But, Pharrell, dude, you're some man for one man.

Let's turn it over to himself, to sing this one out. 

No better video to display all the wonderful sides of this man's style. Pharrell, we salute you.