Not a man explicitly known for his style, Tom Hardy is a guy that could easily be overlooked as inspiration in the fashion department.

It's safe to say that Hardy is a no nonsense man, a trait that correlates well with the characters he tends to play, and play remarkably well. In light of this, the Bronson star would probably hate to think that he's being held up as a style icon but, feck it, we're willing to take the chance, because, Tom, like it or not, you've a tasty eye for the threads.

It's not surprising then, that Hardy transfers his no nonsense nature into his style, intentional or not. Nothing flashy and, outfits that do tread that line, are always executed with class.

Let's take a look at some examples of how Tom gets it right:

Lads, ye can't go wrong with black and white. Always, remember that. A relationship as old as time, these two opposing colours will never, ever let you down. Pair it with a classic hair cut, like Tom does here, and you'll be causing whiplash from all the heads you'll be turning.


All the navy. Tom layers variations of the same colour. Again, nothing flashy, just nailing the simple things here.

If you're not feeling the clean cut vibe, open the top button and slack the tie a wee bit, but, again don't be taking any notions, black and white is right.

Classic combinations in some of Tom's more casual looks. Pastel blue, navy, white; topped off with a pair of brown brógs for walking. It's not rocket science.

A dirty 'auld moustache can look well provided you stick to some of Tom's tips, here. Chuck on a simple black leather jacket, a dark grey V-neck, a pair of jeans and a moustache doesn't just have to be for November. That moustache is ignorant out, Tom. We love it. 

Arguably, it's Hardy's decisions regarding facial hair that are amongst his most admirable and noticeable style traits. For anyone in two minds as to whether they should grow out their very own 'Gordon Darcy', take a look at the pictures below.

It's not that it's even well kept, because it isn't, it's everything else around it. The slicked back hair and dress shirts compliment the messiness of the beard, allowing it to stand out from the crowd.

Again, I'll reiterate, if you were in two minds about your own beard.


Photo Credit: Getty Images