Ryan Gosling, let's face it, he's the man of every woman's dreams. If it's not for his athletic build, exceptional acting ability, general all round aura of cool, then it could be because of his style. That, perhaps, and the absolutely smouldering, dead pan expression that seems to never leave his face.

Whether he's dressing for a premiere or just bringing the dog out for a walk onto a talk show, The Gos is on the ball with his attire.

Let's take a look at why this man is the coolest dude west of the Atlantic:

Aside from the fact Ryan has gone for the brown suit, which is usually reserved for criminal overlords, he's also brought his Mam along for the premiere of one of his movies. It's cool to love your Mam, lads, don't be ashamed.


Them brógs.

The 2 coolest men in Hollywood. The young buck in dark green and the old sage in black. For feck sake, lads, would ye stop it, 25 people just get sick looking at this photo.

Slick as be'jaysis. Check out the red socks, so cheeky.

Burgundy and black.

Gosling is obviously a maestro in the formal department. But, he can hold his own in the casual section, too:

Some might call that scarf 'feminine', but Gosling will wear it with a black leather jacket because f**k putting genders on clothing.

Leather jacket again, paired with a simple t-shirt and a burgler wooly. Dustin Hoffman, the silver fox, scrubbing up well, too, all credit to him.

Who needs a boat to go sailing? You're sailing into fashion royalty in that jacket, Ryan. Top class.

Cementing the notion that he is the coolest man around by bringing his beloved dog 'George' onto The Jimmy Fallon Show. George, rocking 1 sock. Ryan, rocking no socks. Great team.

This casual open neck jumper, army green crew neck and classic watch is perfectly simple.

Ryan, mate, you've come a long way from this atrocious moustache. Fair play to you. (To be fair, though, the moustache is so ignorant that it almost works)

You're the man, Gos, keep on smouldering.