Joseph Gordon Levitt, one of the nicest, coolest guys in showbiz. The 500 Days Of Summer star, is also arguably one of the most talented men working in Hollywood at the moment, lending his hand to acting, directing, screenwriting, producing, and editing. Another thing he can put on the aul' CV is that he's also a prolific suit wearer and all round style merchant. His garb may not be flashy, rather it's understated, quite in keeping with his personality. He's one of those dudes that you just know is sound. You could be bring him down to the local and he'd be grand, like.

Let's take a look at how this man sticks to his guns. And by guns, we mean suits. Always the suit.


Nothing crazy, simple dark suit and white shirt. The tie, a small bit of flash, but still no where near OTT. 

All the black, such a solid option. Pop the collar to add a certain 'je ne sais Cantona' to any outfit.

No messing.

Polka dot tie adding a small bit of cheek to this suit.

Look at this man's face. Pure rascal.

Not completely gone on the pin-stripe but there is an air of The Godfather here that is doing the job.

To be honest, Joseph's shirt here is fairly atrocious but Marion Cotillard is complimenting everything wonderfully. If we can learn anything here it's to find yourself a Marion Cotillard because it won't matter what you wear ever again.

If you're wondering what the little red badge on Joe's lapel is all about, well it's the symbol representing the online collaborative production company, HitRecord, founded and owned by the man himself. His coolness knows no bounds.

If you haven't noticed already, the tie is a definite theme. So, too, is looking generally regal.

Winning some award for being really good at acting and shit.

He'll whip out the dickie bow if he needs to, no bother.

A wee pair of wicker brógs. Snazzy.

Another award for being awesome. 

Interesting colour combinations. The black tie, belt and shoes are the key to making this work.

Having a right laugh on Jimmy Fallon in a burgundy suede suit. Gas man.

And blending into the couch seamlessly.

Classic black and white at the Oscars, the other day, to finish us off. Joseph Gordon-Levit, a good man to wear suits to absolutely everything, fair play to him.