A recent clip taken from 'The Bachelor' shows that American TV can sometimes provide moments of pure gold.

You'll no doubt be familiar with the premise of 'The Bachelor;' a chiseled beef-cake goes on dates with various women. The aim of the dating show is for the man to choose his one true love by the end of series, after eliminating the rest of the contestants.

Now at the beginning of its 23rd season, American footballer Colton Underwood (who claims to be a virgin) has begun to meet the 30 lovely ladies who will be vying for his attention throughout the season.

One contestant however, has thrown a massive curveball into the mix. Have a look at the clip below to see what we mean.

Suffice it to say, people online have been going nuts over Californian model Bri's elaborate tactic. Here are some of the best responses we've spotted on Twitter.