Conrad Murray may testify in a $30 million lawsuit accusing Michael Jackson of child molestation.

The disgraced medic - who was released from jail in October after serving two years for the involuntary manslaughter of the King of Pop in June 2009 - might be asked to give evidence in choreographer Wade Robson's lawsuit against Michael's estate, alleging he was sexually abused by the pop star for nearly a decade in the 1990s.

A source told the [email protected] column in the New York Daily News that Conrad's testimony could make or break the case, explaining: 'Wade wants Murray to speak to his lawyers, because if he has vital information on Michael, then it could be significant. It is obvious, the way he answered the question, he has much more to tell, and that could be dynamite for Wade's case.'

This comes after the doctor gave a series of tell-all interviews in which he refused to comment on whether he believes rumours Michael was sexually interested in minors were true.

Speaking on Australia's '60 Minutes', Conrad said: 'I'm not prepared to answer that question, not now. And I tell you the reason why - because my interview with you is candid and honest, and I will not make up or fabricate anything.'

However, he did disclose some bizarre personal information about the late singer, including that he slept with dolls and that he had to hold the 'Thriller' star's penis every night to help him fit a catheter.

A Jackson family friend told [email protected]: '[Conrad] has no shame or remorse for anything. We hope the world will see now how insane he is.'