John Kavanagh and Owen Roddy have been an integral part of the UFC star’s rise to stardom. It’s been an incredible journey for the whole team who have amassed plenty of stories over the years.

In the changing room after his most recent fight, Kavanagh met with former Entourage actor Jeremy Piven who told him that he was currently shooting a movie with Floyd Mayweather.

“He told me they were doing a fight scene and Floyd had to sit on top of him…and pretend to punch him. Right at that moment they said ‘Cut!’ because they wanted to change the cameras around to get a better angle. So, there was a five-minute delay, and Floyd just stayed in that position. So, he had a strange man like that (on top of him) for an uncomfortably long time, and nobody was saying anything. Until, out of the blue Floyd just said- ‘I’m worth $860 million.’”

As we previously reported, a recent high-profile visitor to their SBG Gym was Coldplay’s Chris Martin who was in Dublin for the band’s Croke Park gig. John picks up the story here-

“Conor and a few lads had flown out to Vegas a few days before so when an American number rang my first thought was ‘F**k! The lads are in jail!’ Thankfully it turned out to be Chris Martin’s manager asking if he could train,” he joked.

Owen, a big Coldplay fan, wasn’t happy he missed the chance to train with the singer.

“I was devastated. I was at the concert the night before, screaming at Chris, throwing my boxers at him, loving it. I thought it was brilliant. And then I’m flying out the next morning and I see the picture and I’m thinking you f….,” he laughed. “Where was my call? I was sick!”

Kavanagh and Roddy were speaking at the launch of the Original Penguin Autumn/Winter collection in the Chocolate Factory in Dublin.