The UFC might have initially been quite upset about Conor McGregor's loss to Nate Diaz last Saturday due to the fact that it would have put a halt to their plans to have him take on Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawlor at UFC 200 but we think they might have gotten over it once the numbers for UFC 196 came in.

Dana White was interviewed on ESPN'S Max & Marcellus radio show and said that UFC 196 is their biggest pay per view event ever:

"We broke all our records on Saturday night. It was the biggest PPV we ever did. Social media was ridiculous. Even on FOX, FOX was for the prelims, on FOX right? We were number one on all broadcast and cable, you know, from 8-10 in every of the major demographics. You name it, we broke the record on Saturday night. It was incredible."

It just goes to show the draw that Conor McGregor is now. Even though he was up against an opponent that was only announced 12 days before the fight, audiences were still watching in record numbers. Assuming McGregor goes on to defend his Featherweight title at UFC 200 in July, which is looking most likely, then we can expect even bigger numbers. 

Via Balls