This will come as little surprise to his Irish fans, but the data backs up the claims that Conor McGregor is one of the biggest fighters in the UFC at the moment. 

The UFC Fight Pass is a streaming service that offers users the chance to watch UFC events and to go back and look at pretty much every fight in the history of the organisation. 

Although the service is not yet even a year old, it has proven hugely popular with fans, and they have been signing up in big numbers. Yahoo recently got their hands on the data to look at some interesting trends in what people were watching and the biggest takeaway, at least from an Irish point of view, is the popularity of our very own Conor McGregor.

His name pops up twice on the list of the top ten most watched fights (at number 6 against Max Holloway and at 9 for his debut against Marcus Brimage) while he is the most searched for name on the streaming service. 

Jon Jones, Nick Diaz, Anderson Silva and T.J. Dillashaw fill out the rest of the top five behind the Irishman, while the most watched fight is Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson from UFC 165, which many regard as the best ever. 

When president Dana White was read both lists (he had not been aware of the data until a journalist pointed it out to him) he was not surprised: "I've been telling everyone this, but maybe this will give me evidence to back up what I've been saying, and that is that Conor McGregor is a huge star. People are interested in what he's doing, they want to see him fight and they're going to FightPass to check him out."

Via Yahoo Sports