He's one of Ireland's hottest sporting stars right now, so no surprise that he's appearing on a few ads.

Ever since hitting the big time with the UFC and proving to be a big draw with his cocky persona and hilarious wit, Conor McGregor has been on the rise. This week, it's been announced that he's the new face of King Crisps here in Ireland, and they've gone and made an ad to celebrate the partnership. 

It's a bit cheesy (and oniony), but it should give you a bit of a laugh if nothing else.

Speaking from his new custom made (of course) throne, McGregor said "they call me the people's champion and I think that's true because one thing I know about Dubliners, is that they're honest and they've got great taste, that's why Conor McGregor and King Crisps are the superior choice".

We're not sure how many packets of crisps Conor tends to get through in his training regime, but he definitely has taken some fashion tips from the King himself, if these snaps are anything to go by.