Young Gavin Glynn has been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer and needs to travel to Texas to a specialised centre, the only place in the world that can provide the care he needs.

At just 17 months old, the doctors told Gavin and his family that he had embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, and since that day nearly three years ago, he has been battling the disease. With all the other options in Ireland now exhausted, the family has found a treatment that could help Gavin, but in order to get it they would have to travel to Texas. 

Given the cost of medical care in the United States, the family are looking at a bill of at least $425,000, and so using the power of social media, they've put together a campaign to try and raise the funds that could get Gavin this treatment.

Families and anyone who is touched by the story are being urged to make a donation by text to 50300 of just €4, and a whole host of Irish celebrities and public figures are putting their weight behind it with the hashtag #MyBoy.



This video explains more about Gavin's condition as well as the treatment he needs, and it showcases exactly how he's managed to earn the nickname 'Superman'.

A few of those who have joined the campaign to help and raise awareness are Maia Dunphy, Clodagh McKenna, Pat Kenny, Felix Jones and Lenny Abrahamson, and mums and dads across the country are being urged to share some snaps with their kids and the #MyBoy hashtag to help keep it trending.

If you want to know more about the campaign or learn more about Gavin, then head to the Team Gavin Glynn website, where you can also make a donation to the fund.