Yeah, I know it's an awful picture, looks like Wladimir Klitschko is wearing her head as an election badge, but that's what happens with a 'shawty' gets together with a lengthy lad.

TO THE NEWS! The Nashville actress and her fiance, boxer Klitschko, are reportedly expecting their first child together, it has been claimed.

Well... a source told the new issue of Us Weekly: "Hayden is totally pregnant!"... and that is good enough for us. We knew there was another reason they postponed the wedding...

The 24-year-old actress - who got engaged to the 36-year-old athlete last year after a three-year on/off romance - previously admitted she was keen to start a family and felt like she was "born" to be a mother.

She has said: "I've lived a very big life, and I don't feel my age, and I feel like I was born to be a mother. Sometimes people speak about [having kids] like, 'Your life ends - you're never going to be able to do anything again!' And I'm like, 'What are you talking about?' Motherhood is the most beautiful, exciting thing, and there's nothing that I feel like I can't accomplish while having children in my life."

And the former 'Heroes' star has even speculated on what her future children would look like. She quipped: "He's got bowlegs and I've got knocked knees, so they're going to have straight legs. And they'll be normal height."

And sure who cares as long as they're healthy, wha?!