Aaaaaaah, while this news will come as another blow to Jenna Fischer (more on that momentarily), it does partially explain the heart-melting outpouring of love for Emily Blunt that recently came from husband John Krasinski - that and Emily Blunt is just plain awesome. Krasinski's The Office co-star Fischer recently said they were "genuinely in love" while filming the show... Krasinski has another theory, which we'll get to in a minute. 

While 32-year-old Emily is currently filming The Girl on The Train (hats off to her if she's suffering from "morning" sickness while doing that) she was photographed wearing "an oversized coat." While this is usually enough confirmation for the internet to star spreading the obvious rumours, a rep for the couple decided to release a statement via Us Weekly saying the couple are indeed expecting. 

Blunt and 36-year-old Krasinski wed in Italy back in 2010 after two years together. In February 2014, they welcomed daughter Hazel.

As for Jenna Fischer; during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, on January 20th, she said herself and her Office co-star were "genuinely in love" while playing Jim and Pam during the show's run. When the Daily Beast put this to Krasinski, he responded with the following: "I think that was wildly misquoted or taken out of context. I'm sure she was trying to say something nice about how genuine the acting relationship was, of bringing a relationship that became that popular onscreen - and I think we both feel it's such an honor to be a part of that relationship. As far as how she was quoted about saying we were 'genuinely in love,' I think that was taken wildly out of context and I feel bad for her."

Jenna's full quote reads: "John and I have real chemistry. There's a real part of me that is Pam and a real part of him that's Jim, and those parts of us were genuinely in love with one another. In real life, we aren't totally Pam and totally Jim. So in real life we're not, like, the perfect match."

Via Us Weekly