Last weekend, one of our readers took on the challenge of competing Tough Mudder, and while it was a difficult task, it meant that he had to put in a lot of preparation. 

Over the weeks and days in the run up to the event, we teamed up with Under Armour and metabolic Fitness in Dublin to help get Jonathan Codd into fighting shape. Dave Peelo, one of the leading personal trainers in Ireland, we got a look at different exercises that would help to conquer the obstacles, but that would also help to shake up your workouts, improve your core strength, and get you in great shape even if you weren't training for the event. 

Throughout the process, Jonathan kept us up to date on how he was getting on with the training regime and the tough workouts, and now that it's all over, he's had a chance to look back and reflect on how he got on, but also what the experience meant to him. 

Jonathan's Diary

That's one to tick off the bucket list, Tough Mudder done and dusted! It was hard, torturous, cold, electrifying (I was literally electrocuted) but AMAZING at the same time. It's hard to do it justice in words, but I'll give it a go. 

The course starts out quite flat, but don't let that deceive you, because the obstacles are very, very hard right from the get go. A stand out obstacle from the start of the course was the Arctic Enema, one to wake you up straight away! Here, participants slid into an into a freezing cold ice bath, but strategically enough, the guys who design the course factored in a good stretch of a run after to warm you back up. Still, it was pretty cold...

Above: Jonathan before tackling Tough Mudder and undertaking the training

Main picture: Jonathan after successfully completing the gruelling race

At about the 4 mile mark we were faced with another obstacle that will live long in my memory; 'Cry Baby'. Here, I literally wanted to cry, baby! Most of the obstacles, though challenging, were still enjoyable, except this one! Here, I had to crawl on my hands and knees through a tunnel filled with a tear gas like substance which made it hard to breath and made my eyes so sore I literally wanted to cry, like a baby. Something tells me I should have guessed that from the name.

The very last obstacles of the course were Everest 2.0 and ElctrroShock Therapy. Though I was more than prepared for Everest 2.0 with the training I had put in with Dave and was able to lift my bodyweight, I don't think any amount of training could have prepared me for the shock therapy I endured after. By the time you get to Everest, you are so mentally drained after the suffering you have just gone through, you just want to get over the finish line. The guys who design the course must be evil to think of finishing with shocking people!

Despite the torture and shocks I really enjoyed Tough Mudder and would recommend it to anyone. The feeling of teamwork and the sense of achievement you get after finishing it are really something else, it just can't be described. I want to thank Under Armour and Metabolic Fitness for helping me to get through it! Until next year..It's been emotional.