It may be wet and pretty darn yucky outside today but, we've picked our comment of the week and GPC, we are here to brighten up your dark day with a €50 One4All gift card *round of applause*

GPC pretty much summed up Gavin Henson's new show - The UK version of The Bachelor - with this: "WANTED: Ball-Shepherding narcissist with a gammy accent to front gormless yawnfest...[P.S GAVIN HENSON is an anagram of SHAVING NONE]... " and yes, we do agree with ya'll when you say he looks like he should be the new face of Ronseal but, GPC just clinched it with his wonderful description of the Welsh man and the 'yawnfest' in question.

Congrats on winning and make sure you DO spend it all at once!

Alicia Coyle