Fanfair please *tootles* OK, this week we were torn between two quips. One put "TV favourite" Louis Walsh firmly in his box, while the other whipped out a crystal ball and magicked a viable scenario regarding Lindsay Lohan's future...

So, t'was between two well known cartoon characters, Top Cat and Kang... and the winner this time around had to be the alien soothsayer himself with this cracking comment:

"How long will this go on? Newsflash December 2014: Lindsay Lohan has been arrested again after going in to a liquor store. Under the terms of her 2007/8/9/10/11/12/13/14 court order she was prohibited from entering any premises that sold alcohol. On Arrest 'Lohan 25 said  'I was only in there to buy some water as it is so hot', arresting officer Tray Barkley said 'Lohan was looking quite tired and dehydrated but he could not let that get in the way of a court order'. Lohan will be sentenced to death by electric chair (This Saturday) after this latest felony. Fox broadcasting will be showing the execution live at 12:39pm EST."

Congratulations Kang, the usual €50 One4All voucher will mysteriously land through your letter box any day now.