In times like these, as we buckle down for the watching of even more TV series and movies than we had ever planned in 2020, it's time we begin to satirise the whole situation.

Luckily, an actor and comedian who runs her own YouTube channel has done just that - and made a pretty hilarious and bang-on take on what would happen if we had to explain the world to our past selves.

Julie Nolke transports herself back four months to her former self in January of this year, and offers her past self some helpful tips and advice that might make the upcoming months more bearable.

Taking inspiration from Ashton Kutcher's movie 'The Butterfly Effect', she only gives herself snippets of information for what's to come later this year - not actually telling her what exactly does happen. Mostly giving out plenty of tips and advice for planning ahead, Julie tells herself to do such things as stock up on supplies and to start investing in the conferencing app Zoom.

And of course, the TV series we've all been glued to, Netflix's 'The Tiger King' gets a nice little reference throughout the video too.

Now, please enjoy Julie Nolke attempt to explain the world in all of its craziness to her past self.