Colin Firth has split up with his wife of 22 years, Livia Giuggolini.

In a statement released to media yesterday evening, reps for the pair said that they while they have separated, they "maintain a close friendship and remain united in their love for their children," Luca and Matteo.

The pair made headlines last year when it was revealed that the pair had split up and reconciled in 2015 and 2016. At that time, Livia Giuggolini had a relationship with Italian journalist Marco Brancaccia with lasted for just under a year.

In 2017, Livia Giuggolini filed a police complaint of harassment against Brancaccia, and was charged by Italian police in May of this year after Italian prosecutors moved forward with the case to trial. At the time of the complaint, Giuggolini described Brancaccia's messages as "a frightening campaign of harassment", however Branccacia denied the charges.

Firth is best known for his roles, most recently in 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle', the upcoming World War I thriller, '1917' , and for his Oscar-winning performance in 'The King's Speech' as King George VI. Giuggolini, meanwhile, is best known in Italy as a columnist for Vogue, and has acted as a producer on several documentaries, including 'The True Cost', a documentary on the ecological impact of fast-fashion.