Do you "eat and get drunk and fall asleep to 80s movies" and "leave a bottle of Guinness" out for Santa every Christmas? Well then, unbeknownst to most of us out there, we've been sharing Christmas with Colin Farrell for all these years. Doesn't that just warm the cockles a little bit?

Also, spare a thought for him as he expresses concern at being an "absolute national letdown" when an Irishman gives up the booze. Apparently when he went to rehab, he informed them that he wasn't giving up the booze ("there's a harp on my passport..."), just the "powder and the pills."

Colin, you've been a birohva plank in the past, but sure who hasn't, hah? More interviews like these and you'll be a bit of an absolute national ledgebag. Incidentally, the film he's promoting is Mr. Banks - the one with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson banging on about Mary Poppins.