Colin Farrell is currently on the road promoting his latest movie, 'Dumbo'.

The Irish actor popped into 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' as part of his tour. The talk show host asked Colin Farrell about the tattoo removal he's currently undergoing.

Farrell explained that his reason for getting it done is so he doesn't have to take so long getting makeup on to cover up the tats for movies.

He confirmed that yes, it is more painful than getting them done in the first place.

Farrell described his worst tattoo as one he got on his chest one night in New York at 3am "in a tattoo parlour by someone I don't believe has ever done a tattoo before."

He continued: "He did it and it was a rose. But it actually kind of looks like a cat's asshole on a chopstick."

Corden responded: "That is so precise. It's such an obscure thing and yet I know exactly that is. That is a wonderful piece of imagery."

Farrell added: "I'm Irish, we're known for our lyrical dexterity." Indeed we are, Colin, indeed we are.

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