It looks like reconciliation is on the cards for Wayne and Coleen Rooney. The Sun reports today that the husband and wife returned to their mansion yesterday, separately mind you, and are sleeping in different bedrooms.

Over the past week, Coleen has kept her wedding ring on which gave the indication that she hadn't given up on her marriage. The revelations that Wayne had it off with prostitutes while she was pregnant and just after she gave birth, added to the awful news that her sister Rosie was critically ill after suffering a stroke. I wonder did Coleen read Glenda Gilson's story over the weekend? According to the Irish News Of the World, the Xpose presenter claimed Wayne Rooney tried to bed her but she said no.

According to a source, Coleen has given her man an ultimatum, one more girl and she's outta there. She arrived home with a Range Rover full of clothes and necessities and Kai was brought over later in the day by her parents. Bet their none too pleased she's come to this decision. Later again, Wayne arrived home. The source said, "It's a slow process, a healing process Coleen wants to make it work and so does Wayne. But they are in their home together ad they are talking everything through. They are both bending over backwards to try and sort it out. They know they have to."

The last thing Coleen needs is to be stressing over her marriage although you can see what she's doing here. Getting Kai back to his routine by living at home with his dad, which will hopefully give her more time to spend with her family and sister at the hospital. Maybe once she gets better, Mrs Rooney will then concentrate on her marriage and decide if it's worth it.

-Alicia Coyle