Well, considering a story about Kate Moss throwing an X Factor themed party for her daughter in a month's time is headline news in many a tabloid today, we might as well kick things off like we have done most days this week - with a nugget of information about Cheryl Cole *sighs* And you'll find this one slightly more irksome than usual.

Cheryl reportedly earned a whopping £15,000 / €17,000 a second for her brief appearance on the US X Factor. After being unceremoniously bumped for a leggier "seat warmer", she bagged her £1.2 million / €1.3million fee for the series meaning that her 80 seconds of screen time was a sweet little earner. That might be smarting Simon Cowell just a bit since yesterday's reviews...

According to the Daily Star, who have a lot of time on their hands, it also works out that she made £12,000 / €13,7000 / $18.5,000 (might as well throw in the Dollar conversion for good measure, it did happen in America afterall) for each of the 99 words that she burbled... A source told the newspaper, "Cheryl's the one laughing all the way to the bank. It's got to be the easiest payday anyone has ever had."

Happy Friday, everyone.