You've gotta love Pride parades - if for no other reason that the level of satire and comedy on display is just genius.

In yesterday's London Pride, one reveller was sporting a black-and-white flag that resembled the controversial ISIS flag, which is black and white and Arabic text across it.

What the flag ACTUALLY had was a similar design, except the Arabic text was replaced by similar-looking sex toys - butt-plugs, dildos and so forth.

A CNN reporter, who was on the scene, snapped the picture and sent it to her editors who quickly spun the whole thing into a story.

Take a look.

Oh dear. No. No, that's not what it is all.

In fairness, from a distance and without glasses, you could probably mistake it for an ISIS flag.

But, y'know, hard news journalists are supposed to investigate further and stuff, not jump to conclusions and just fire off pictures without understanding context.

Just a thought.

What made it all the more hilarious was the fact that they had their Security Analyst discuss the flag. On TV.

"Yeah, that's Arabic text alright. That's definitely not a rolled-up double-ended dildo at all."


Via YouTube