Here's a question. Would you swim in a pool in which someone had recently died? Call me squeamish but I certainly wouldn't. Even if the water had been drained and replaced I'd still feel a bit weird... it's all a bit Michael Barrymore. Not awigh'.

According to The New York Post, a 30-year-old man was found dead in Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel's Tropicana Bar pool on October 13. The pool was never drained and celebs such as Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson, Eve, Kevin Connolly, Justin Long, Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks have all been at poolside parties since. Some of them even enjoyed a bit of a splash around. Did they know? Doubtful.

Assistant chief of investigations for the Los Angeles County coroner's office told The Post that the body was "found at the bottom of the pool wearing swimming trunks. The staff at the hotel found him, but we don't know who actually removed him from the pool." That's comforting. A Post source also told the paper that, days after the body was found, "The hotel management had a meeting, where they told staffers the pool didn't need to be drained" because "there was enough chlorine in it to kill the bacteria". Whatever about the bacteria - some people might feel a bit disrespectful larking about in a pool where someone died. "Stephen Brandman, chief operating officer of Thompson Hotels, which owns the Roosevelt, said "Somebody did die, but we don't think anything awkward or bizarre occurred. He had a heart attack'." Again, comforting.

The cause of death was "undetermined" but LA Police believe it "could be a result of alcohol consumption." Aaaaah so that's why they didn't bother changing the water... it's bound to happen again sometime soon given it's a pool bar, you know, two birds 'n all that jazz, why else would they not bother changing the water someone died in - inconvenient VIP pool party cancellations?! Naaaaaaah!