A group of evil geniuses have come together to design Clocky, the alarm clock that knows how bad you are at getting out of bed, and can escape your flailing arms as you lunge for the snooze button. 

Nanda Home are the people behind this amazing but also thoroughly disturbing invention, and it's a robust little fecker. The unit can survive falls of up to three feet, and you are allowed to hit snooze once, but if you try to go for that sweet, sweet second snooze, then you will regret it. 

Clocky will drive off on you, beeping like mad and going every which way until you get up out of your lovely, comfortable bed to go and find it.

Gaze upon this fresh hell that science has unleashed:

Pic via Borded Panda

You can buy yourself one on Amazon if you feel like this will get you out of bed, but don't say we didn't warn you. 

Via Bored Panda. Pics via Nanda Home