Like it or not, 2020 is slowly coming to a close.

And this morning, the people of Ireland and many other regions around the world woke up in pure puzzlement that we had woken up earlier than usual. Yep, it's the bi-annual clocks go back/clocks go forward morning situation.

Well, at least it means we all got an extra hour in bed, right? True. But with October 2020 making us set our clocks back than extra hour, it does mean we'll have shorter days from now on. Oh, and an extra hour of 2020 to boot.

Here are some of the best reactions Twitter has had to the clocks going back this morning.

How about that puuuurfect lie in this morning, eh?

We salute you, parents.

*GASP* Can we do that?

Ah, January. Much simpler times for everyone.

Hear hear, bring back the big tubs of Christmas sweets.

2021, anyone?

Confused faces all around.

Oh wow, someone in an office.

Has anyone seen Bernard and his watch these days?

And finally, a huge shout out to workers out there who worked the extra hour, wherever you are.