Can't imagine why... I mean, why would the BBC be interested in showing Ireland's highest pub re-opening after it burned down two year ago... Everything here is totally normal, why they'd want to feature it in their opening monologue tonight is a bit of a mystery. Apart from the fact that the gentleman in the middle suddenly reappears around in the 2:00 minute mark, armed with a bottle of milk and a lamb.

Speaking with The Irish Examiner, a spokesman for show producers Hat Trick Productions said "it was the 'tremendous and unique characters' which attracted them to the video. 'We plan to use part of the clip at the opening of tonight’s show as a punch-line to a gag'."

And before you start giving yourself a hard time at being not able to understand your native tongue, the journo didn't even have the bablefish inserted to decipher the half Cork half Kerry dialect. It's like a Punjabi strain of Latvian by way of the Shehy Mountains.

HIGNFY airs tonight on BBC1 at 9pm. Charlie Brooker's also on it. Winner.