Hot on the heels of his brilliant early goal against Ghana, Clint Dempsey is capitalising on the fact that the world's media are watching him by releasing his new song.

In case you didn't know, America's Clint Dempsey has a side project that has nothing to do with football. When he's not scoring goals on the field, he's a rapper who goes by the name of Deuce. If you've just found that out, then we have some excellent news for you to follow it up: he's got a new album dropping on us from a height in the coming weeks, and there's a track here for your aural pleasure.

The Wall Street Journal brought the rather excellent news to everyone's attention, noting that Dempsey was hard at work in the booth before heading to Brazil, and you can expect the album, entitled The Redux, to hit stores in a few months.

No need to wait that long though, you can listen to the first track 'It's Poppin' right here, and trust us, it be poppin' and hip-hoppin'.

Via SB Nation