John Cleese has reportedly roped in his daughter, Camilla, to help hone him a stageshow version of A Fish Called Wanda. The Python said: "I've been working on it with my daughter. She's 24 and six foot, two inches. She's much funnier and quicker than I am, so I limp along after her. We've knocked the story into shape. We're going to try a few lyrics and if it turns out we are no good - which is what I expect - we'll get a lyricist in. Right now, we are just working on the story and trying to figure out where all the songs should go." I could comment about various things, mainly about our inability to devise new ideas, but the brain just can't get past a 24-year-old female version of John Cleese, doing that dance. For some reason, my mind's eye has her in a red sequence dress, coupled with an ill-fitting blonde wig and a Magnum moustache. Must find pictures of her as of immediately...  *phews* OK. Better. Now she looks like a lesser groomed Candis Cayne (the tranny from Dirty Sexy Money).