Jonathan Ross's Film... replacement has announced she is to get eye surgery as her sight is less than perfect:

"I can't even begin to tell you how blind I am. It's embarrassing. I can't read the autocue. My eyes have deteriorated so badly, I'm not meant to drive. So I booked into the doctor and he explained how they are going to do it. I had to ask him a few questions like, 'Am I going to die?' - to which he laughed at me - and, 'Could my eye pop out and roll?' He replied, 'You're quite highly strung yet hilarious (?!).' I handed over my credit card. He gave me an enormous thing and said you have to read that. I said 'I can't'."

Just get your bleedin' fringe cut, Winkleman. Or perhaps it's too late, her thatch has been poking her corneas to such an extent a thick blanket of near blindness was their final refuge. That or her constant "kooky" trilling caused them to glaze over.