Let's face it - Ireland's a nation of people who love a good bit of gossip every once in a while.

Maybe it goes back to the days of British colonisation where information was funneled through a system controlled and disseminated by the very people who colonised us, and was generally not to be trusted as being completely truthful, thus forcing us to rely on what we heard from other people.

Or it could just be that we're all nosey feckers and there's nothing for it.

At any rate, a hashtag trended across Twitter last night and into this morning that borders on being uncomfortably real and almost always involve some kind of salacious gossip in sleepy, small town Ireland.

The #classic6wordirishshortstory hashtag, kicked off by the Irish Literary Times, set folk the task of creating an Irish short story in six words and the results were comical, kind of sad, and very real.

Take a look.