In the wake of their split ('tis the season, after all), Helena Bonham Carter's friends reckon Tim Burton "is having a classic mid-life crisis." That's usually code for, "there's a younger woman involved."

The actress - who confirmed her split from the American director yesterday - is reportedly devastated that her efforts to save their 13-year relationship have failed.

A source close to the Harry Potter star, who has two children, Billy, 11, and Nell, seven, with the filmmaker, said: "Tim is having a classic mid-life crisis. All Helena's friends think he's a terrible old cliche. Helena gave him a lot of time to sort himself out."

Another mate admitted to MailOnline that the actress isn't taking the split well (obvs), saying: "Helena was very upset at the Chequers party earlier this month hosted by Samantha Cameron. Other guests noticed she was in a bad way. She is really upset. It's all still very raw and they only told the children two weeks ago." No time is a good time for your parents to split, but a few weeks before Christmas is particularly harsh. On the upside, at least they already live in essentially separate houses (it's a semi-d joined by one communal room)

The former couple have collaborated on more than seven films since Tim, 56, first directed Helena in Planet of the Apes in 2001.

News of their split comes more than a year after Tim was photographed canoodling with another woman after a cinema date in Hampstead, London in September 2013.

But Helena rubbished allegations he had been unfaithful at the time, saying: "This is absolute nonsense. The pictures were taken whilst they were out and the large group includes family, friends and work colleagues."