Charlize Theron, you are a stunner, and I'm sure you look amazing naked, but that guna is a rank. The male of the species might appreciate being able to see your groin shadow, but it just makes me feel a little wrong. It full groin on show is not sexy. Now, a slit reaching the groin line is very sexy, but to have it all hanging out there is just... too much.

Michelle Pfeiffer, Anna Farris, Leslie Mann and even Duck Face Jr. look rather more sophisticated. Jennifer Garner, dare I say it, has seen better red carpets. Cross the legs while you walk the carpet. Never splay on the carpet. That's one thing you can learn from Charlize in this occasion - considering she's not wearing any scants. 

And, honestly, I'm tempted to say something about the mumsy appearance, but she is a mum so I should just shut my face.