From flying saucers to UFOs, the CIA has stated that it was mostly them up in the skies in the 1950s and '60s.

You can forget your folklore and all those stories about flying saucers in the sky abducting people and giving them beards, it seems that the CIA are claiming that it was all them so there's no need to worry.

They've been having some "top banter" on Twitter since they launched their account, and tweeted out recently that they had declassified some files and made them available online. In a rundown of what the most read files were on their site, up at the top of their list was the big news that they had claimed responsibility for all the UFO activity in the 1950s, which they reckon was the peak era for spaceship-spotting claims. 

The report (which you can read in full by clicking on the link in the tweet above) stated that when they were doing test runs with the U-2s at 60,000 feet up, higher than any other aircraft had been previously, it increased the number of UFO calls that air traffic controllers were getting. What people were really seeing however, was the reflection of the sun off the metallic body of the aircraft that made those weird shapes that people thought were spaceships and the like.

Pic via Wikimedia

Then again, if there were real UFOs that they were trying to keep hidden from us, they would say that wouldn't they...

Via The Irish Times