Christmas Day may be a distant memory now but, there is some news coming from celeb land and it seems two people in particular had a great crimbo.

First off, The Sun reports today that James Corden asked his girlfriend, Julia Carey, to marry him on Christmas Day. The TV presenter and his fiancé are on holidays celebrating but, James has apparently warned his friends to prepare for a stag that could last up to four weeks. I think a few new livers should be ordered in that case.

Elsewhere, Elton John and David Furnish are reportedly 'over-joyed' with the birth of their son, *takes deep breath*, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John. The baby was born to a surrogate mother in California. The couple had tried to adopt a Ukrainian child but weren't allowed due to Elton's age and that the Ukraine government does not recognise gay marriages. Still, that didn't stop them and now, well, they are one happy little family.

Their superstar friends have been tweeting and what not about the great news. Piers Morgan made a funny when he tweeted, "Feel such a fool - Sir Elton never even hinted he was pregnant during our interview." Aw Piers.